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Calculate your own lawn service prices

This convenient program enables customers to quickly calculate prices for lawn services prior to contacting our staff. You will be able to measure your property and receive a cost for a selection of lawn care services. Measurement and an estimate for most properties should require only a few minutes.The steps below will get you started.

Need help? Contact Meadows Farms for a free estimate

Note - If your property is extremely shady, or if you are unable to measure your property, we are happy to measure and provide you with a prompt estimate for all services. If you are interested in mulching, bed maintenance, pruning, or other non-lawn services please follow this link to complete the form to request a free estimate.

Instructions to measure your property for lawn services -

Step 1 Click on the icon to the right. Enter your name, address, and email address.

Step 2 Zoom in on your property so that it fills the screen. This will facilitate measuring.

Step 3 Click a single starting point - do not drag the cursor. The best starting point is usually a corner of the property. See photo below.



Step 4 Click other points along the perimeter of the property - do not be concerned if the shaded area covers parts of the house or other non-lawn areas. As the points on the perimeter are completed the shaded area should be lawn only. Back and front yards, or other areas can be measured separately, then added together for a total. 

Step 5 Continue to click points to include all areas of lawn that are to be included in the estimate. Exclude non-lawn areas. Mistakes in plotting areas can be corrected by using the "Clear Last" and "Clear All" buttons at the top of the page.

Step 6 As each section is completed, click "Add your current measurement to total lawn size". When all areas are totalled, click "All done, let's continue".

Step 7 All services offered for the lawn areas measured will be listed with prices for each service. Click "Add Service" below each to select and add to the total.

Step 8 When all services are added, click "All done, let's continue". Follow the directions on this page to complete the estimate. You will receive an email after completing the process to confirm the purchase.