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Customer Service - Report a Problem

NOTE: If you are able to attach photographs that clearly show the problem, we may be able to skip the site visit and schedule a fix-up or replacement more quickly. See instructions below to attach photos.

If you are unable to supply us with photographs of the problem and an onsite inspection is required please allow 10-14 working days for our representative to visit. No appointment to meet our inspector is required. However, if you prefer to meet our Customer Service representative please indicate that in the notes below and we will call to schedule a day and time. Be aware that we group service visits by area so scheduling an appointment may result in a delay in inspecting the problem.  

Fastest results are achieved by attaching digital pictures to your request! Clicking on the link below will direct you to Outlook or other email server. Follow directions to attach photo(s). Photos taken with digital cameras will usually show adequate detail for us to be able to evaluate problems immediately. Smart phone photos can be very small, and it can be difficult to see adequate detail.   

Please send pictures directly to mail to:daver@meadowsfarms.com

Please enter the following information to request one of our Customer Service representatives to visit your home or business to evaluate maintenance problems or dead plants.

Preferred number to call: