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Note - from April 15 through June 15 demand for our design services allows us to serve only customers interested in design and installation. Do-it-yourselfers are encouraged to visit one of Meadows Farms garden centers that offers design assistance. 

I need professional design and installation help (as a reminder, we have a $1,000 minimum installation contract). I am interested in:

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Note - we have a $1000 minimum installation contract. A designer will respond within three business days.

What areas does Meadows Farms Landscape Department serve?

Make arrangements to meet one of our 35 Landscape Architects or Designers at your home or business. See the resumes of our staff of Landscape Architects and Designers

Meadows Farms offers services for design/ installation and design only –

$49 Landscape Design for installation customers                   

For customers interested in professional installation (minimum $1000 contract) our landscape architect or designer will arrange to meet at your home. A  1-2 hour consultation (for installation customers only), estimate, and design sketch are included in the $49 design fee. Additional design and consultation is available at the rate of $65 per hour. If you decide to have Meadows Farms install the design within 30 days of the initial consultation the design fee is applied in full to the contract deposit.

Meadows Farms offers two landscape design services

FREE walk-in design service - Whether you are planting yourself, or want Meadows Farms to do the planting for you, our designers are available mid March through mid June, and September and October at many of our nurseries. There is no charge for this design service and no appointment is necessary. Please bring photos or a sketch of the area to be landscaped. Contact your local Meadows Farms garden center for hours and designer availability. 
$49 Landscape Design and consultation - April 1 through June 15 - only available to customers interested in an estimate for installation.  A landscape architect or designer will provide a 1/2 - 1 hour landscape consultation and design sketch for a single area (ex., front or backyard) at your home for a $49 fee. For more extensive designs, the designer's time is charged at $65 per hour. If you decide to have the work installed ($1000 minimum contract) by Meadows Farms within 30 days the design fee is applied towards the down payment.