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How Much Does it Cost?


What is the cost for a landscape design?

For customers interested in professional installation (minimum $1000 contract) our landscape architect or designer will arrange to meet at your home. A 1-2 hour consultation, estimate, and design sketch are included in the $49 design fee. Additional design and consultation is available at the rate of $65 per hour. If you decide to have Meadows Farms install the design within 30 days of the initial consultation the design fee is applied in full to the contract deposit.

We offer a FREE no appointment, walk in service in many of our garden centers in the Spring and Fall to serve do-it-yourselfers. In rare circumstances, we will charge an hourly fee when an extensive landscape design is required without installation.  

What is the price range for a typical landscape project?

There is no "typical landscape project", so it is difficult to answer this question. We install landscapes that begin at a couple hundred dollars for a few shrubs and trees to hundreds of thousands of dollars for extensive projects.

How much do plants cost?

Costs range from under ten dollars per plant (including labor) for groundcovers to well over a thousand dollars for large trees.  

What is the price range for Walks and Patios?

Material and installation costs for walkway and patio paving range from around ten dollars a square foot for select pavers to thirty dollars or more per square foot, depending on the type of paving. Meadows Farms often has limited quantity, top quality, special purchase pavers available at significant savings.

Cost for Custom Decks?

Per square foot prices range from low to high twenties, not including railings. Lowest prices are for pressure treated lumber. Synthetic decking prices are higher, but require less maintenance.

How much can I expect to pay for ponds and water features?

Ponds can be constructed for under twenty dollars per square foot, but most range from twenty to thirty dollars. The smallest ponds we construct are just over a thousand dollars, but most ponds with waterfalls and skimmers for lower maintenance are several thousand dollars or more.