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Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

Labor Day marks the annual arrival of Dutch Flower Bulbs at Meadows Farms Nurseries. For centuries gardeners have been digging and dropping bulbs into the ground to produce the amazing colors of spring.  Tulips and daffodils are the most popular varieties of flower bulbs and we carry a great selection of them, but please shop our Garden Centers for some other great varieties such as Allium, Crocus, and Hyacinths. 


When should I plant bulbs?

The best time to plant bulbs is after the first frost but prior to the ground freezing. First frost in Northern VA usually occurs in late September. It is wise to purchase bulbs early to get the best selection. Keep the bulbs in a cool, dry and dark location until you are ready to plant. Most packages will recommend the depth at which to drop your bulbs into the ground. When dropping the bulbs you will want the pointy side up.   Work in some good organic soil and Bone Meal into the holes when planting. 


Where should I plant bulbs?

Bulbs can be planted in almost any lighting exposure except for extreme shade. Filtered sunlight is fine for most varieties.
Bulbs like well drained soils so avoid wet spots in your planting beds. Inter planting bulbs with pansies will add good fall color in your planting beds. Pansies in our area stayed in full bloom all winter last year and added to the color explosion in the spring when the tulips and daffodils bloomed.


The care of bulbs

Dig drop and done is the theme for fall planting of bulbs.


In the spring the stalks of old flowers should be cut back. Leave the foliage of the bulb until it dies back naturally. The plant is storing energy for the next year. You can fertilize with Espoma Bulb–Tone while the bulbs are storing.  Fall bulbs do not need to be removed during the summer. Squirrels and deer can be
harmful to bulbs. Use animal repellants such as Messina Deer Stopper or Messina Squirrel Stopper to help deter them.