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Care Tips for Your Lawn

1.  My lawn died/browned out over the summer.  What should I do?

  • Thatch or rake hard with a fan rake to remove debris and dead grass.

  • Lime: 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet

  • Sow seed

  • Cover with a light (1/4 to 1/2") covering of good soil and rake lightly.

  • Fertilize with a lawn starter.

  • After second or third mowing, fertilize with Fall Lawn Food.

  • KEEP WATERING after second seed germinates, especially if the temperature is over 75-80*.

2.  Do I need to lime?

Yes, at least once a year to ensure healthy lawn development. Apply at the rate of 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet. 

Note:  An acre is 44,000 square feet. If you have a half acre lot (22,000 square feet) half of that is probably lawn, with the other half taken up by your house, driveway, beds, etc.

3.  When do I fertilize?

We recommend three fall feefings. September, mid-October, and right before Thanksgiving.

4.  How much seed do I need?

Reseeding: 1 pound per 400 square feet

New Lawn: 1 pound per 300 square feet

5.  When should I water my lawn?

Water in the morning. If you water at night the lawn will stay wet, which promotes disease.

6.  Should I cover my seed with straw?

Yes, to keep new grass from drying out.

7.  Which seed do I need?

Choose your seed according to the following:

  • Is your lawn sun or shade?

  • Do you have children or pets?

  • Are you looking for a fine textured or coarser textured lawn?