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Mulch Calculator

Width (feet):
Length (feet):
Depth (inches):
Cubic yards needed:


In most cases you want to apply mulch to a depth of 3".  One 3 cubic foot bag will cover an area 2' x 2' (perfect for the base of a tree!).

Five 3 cubic foot bags will mulch a 3' x 20' bed.

One cubic yard (9 - 3 cubic foot bags) will cover a 10' x 10' area at a 3" depth.  If you are mulching a circle:  measure across the circle and multiply that number times itself; then multiply x .78 - this will give you your square feet or area.

Here are some other measurement areas and how to measure if you want an exact measurement of an area:


Area = ½ × b × h
b = base
h = vertical height

Area = a2
a = length of side

Area = w × h
w = width
h = height

Area = b × h
b = base
h = vertical height

Trapezoid (US)
Trapezium (UK)
Area = ½(a+b) × h
h = vertical height

Area = π × r2
Circumference = 2 × π × r
r = radius

Area = πab

Area = ½ × r2 × θ
r = radius