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Heuchera and Heucherella (Coral Bells)

Made for the Shade (and some sun), this versatile perennial has been stealing the spotlight from hosta which for years has reigned as the shady perennial champion.  Maybe it’s because of their vast array of foliage colors, or the different combinations of variegated color on their leaves.  Maybe it’s the pretty flower spikes that bloom in mid-spring, or the different textures of the leaves that each of the varieties offer.  Maybe it’s because they’re drought tolerant and can handle those shady spots under tall trees, or maybe it’s because the deer don’t consider them salad for their nighttime buffets.  Whatever the reason, these perennials are rising to the top of the shade perennial category.   Come by one of our convenient locations and check out our great selection of Heuchera and Heucherella.

See some of the different varieties of heuchera and heucherella carried throughout the growing season at your local Meadows Farms location. Note: This list is nowhere near exhaustive. There are dozens of varieities and color combinations available. These are just the most common.