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Perennial Daylillies (Hemerocallis)


Daylilies are not your grandmother's yellow and orange summer flowers growing out by the mailbox anymore.  The genus Hemerocallis (Daylilies) has gone through tremendous hybridization in the past ten years.  Many of the daylily species produced for today's gardeners have been manipulated by adding sets of chromosomes (Tetraploid) to the plant which aids in producing a full array of colors, larger bloom size and a much more vigorous plant.  Most of these new hybrids are also repeat bloomers or re-bloomers meaning they will continually shoot up scapes (flower stalks) with multiple buds over several months during the summer.  

Daylilies are one of the most versatile perennials for the landscape.  They are very drought tolerant once established and can handle the scorching full sun in the summer and survive our cold winters as well.  By removing the dead flowers and cutting back the scapes on your daylilies you will promote new growth and new blooms throughout the season.  We have many colors to choose from in large 4 quart pots.

     Mini Pearl
     Siloam Double Classic
     Always Afternoon
     Plum Perfect
     Purple D’Ora
     LeeBea Orange Crush
     Leprechaun’s Wealth
     VT Spirit
     Buffy’s Doll
     Miss Tinkerbelle
     Rosy Returns
     Strawberry Candy
     Ebony Beauty
     Frankly Scarlet
     Little Joy
     Pardon Me
     Feather Down
     Joan Senior
     Pandora’s Box
     Black-Eyed Stella
     Happy Returns
     Stella D’Ora