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Spring Lawn Resources

Common Weeds in the Yard and Garden - Learn about some of the most common weeds in the yard, with pictures and potential solutions.

Planting Grass Seed for New Lawns in Spring - Learn the ins-and-outs of planting a new lawn with seed.

Planting a New Lawn Using Sod in the Spring - Sodding can be a fast way to have a lush yard. Learn about the steps required to be successful.

Spring Lawn Repair - A step-by-step guide to reclaiming your yard from the winter

Using Corn Gluten in the Spring - Corn gluten is a safe, organic way to prevent weeds from encroaching your lawn. Lern more here.

Spring Weed & Feed - A guide to fertilizer and weed prevention during the spring and summer.

Spring Crabgrass Prevention - Crabgrass, if left unchecked, can take over your summer lawn. Take these steps to ensure you don't have to worry about it.

Spring Lawn Renovation - Winter do a number on your lawn? Here's a guide for those looking to completely renovate their lawn space for the spring.

Pennington Fast Acting Lime - Cover large areas with fewer bags and less money with Pennington's revolutionary fast-acting lime products.