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Treegator Rental

The temperatures are soaring in the Mid- Atlantic region but there is no need to stop planting trees.  Trees help air quality and produce shade that reduces ground temperatures so PLANT MORE TREES!!!!!

Watering newly planted trees and shrubs is very important.  One of the most efficient ways to irrigate is by using Treegators and Treegator Junior Pros. Treegators allow water to soak in slowly into the root zone of plants.  Deep watering encourages roots to go deep below the surface which is beneficial to the new plants.  Treegators also apply a large volume of water (15-20gallons) per application.  Water is not wasted by running off the top of the plant so it is easier on the environment. Visit for more information.

Do your part to keep our planet green - PLANT MORE TREES!

*Bags must be returned in reasonable condition within one year of deposit