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Christmas Tree Varieties & Pricing

Learn about choosing your perfect Christmas tree hereNOT ALL VARIETIES & SIZES AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS. Call your local Meadows Farms to ask about availability.

Fraser Fir -  Best all-around tree sold at Meadows Farms.  Very aromatic with good needle retention.  Very easy to hang ornaments on.  This tree is used by Farmer Bill Meadows himself and also our Christmas tree buyer.  

          5-6'          # 1 Grade                 $24.99

          6-8'          # 1 Grade                 $34.99

          6-7'           Premium                 $44.99

          7-8'           Premium                 $59.99

          8-9'           Premium                 $79.99

          9-10'         Premium                 $99.99

         10-12'        Premium               $149.99

White Pine - Holds needles longer than most trees.  Usually  not a good tree to hang a lot of heavy ornaments.  

          6-8'                            $29.99



Douglas Fir - Very thick and full with good needle retention. Easy to decorate. 


          7-8'                            $49.99



Canaan Fir

Canaan Fir - Canaan Firs are beautiful evergreen trees that are closely related to the Balsam Fir. Their popularity as a cut Christmas tree has grown over the years because it is one of the longest lasting cut trees, remaining fresh from Thanksgiving through New Years! The shape of the Canaan Fir is beautiful, it has strong branches for hanging ornaments, an exceptional fragrance, and excellent needle retention.

          6-7'               $34.99

          8-9'               $49.99



NOT ALL VARIETIES & SIZES AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS. Call your local Meadows Farms to ask about availability.