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Favorite Gardening Blogs: Gardener to Farmer

Jean Ann Van Krevelen blogs at www.gardenertofarmer.net about organic edible gardening in the Pacific Northwest with a sense of humor. While her growing zone may be similar to ours here in the Mid-Atlantic, there are some serious growing differences in our situations. (They never get our hot, humid long summers nor do they get so cold in the winters.) Still, we are similar enough to be able to share approximate plant choices and seasonal timing.

In a recent post on carrot seedlings online here, Jean Ann shares her joy at finding volunteer carrot seedlings in her garden (farmette?) and how she lets her carrots go to flower for their ornamental use. Here is an excerpt:

"I love little volunteer seedlings. The unexpected joy of seeing a random bean sprout or lettuce leaf fills me with parental joy. It is one of the main reasons I let some of my plants go to seed, rather than harvest them all, at the end of the season. When you grow multiple varieties of some vegetables, including carrots, the plants can cross-pollinate, resulting in unique characteristics and types."

I hope you'll stop by Jean Ann's blog and also come back to visit our Meadows Farms blogs often. Please do share with us also your favorite gardening blogs.

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