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See You at the Movies

This past weekend at the Washington Home and Garden Show, Meadows Farms display gardens had a cinematic theme. One was for the classic “On Golden Pond” and the other was for the new release, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” My two loves are gardening and movies, so I was thrilled that the displays reflected both and did a superb job of capturing the feel of both films.


Is it just me or do so many films and television shows get ruined by bad gardening? One instance of especially poor movie horticulture was in the “Wedding Crashers.” A high-end wedding set on the Eastern Shore was full of big plastic flowers and garlands. I just could not pay attention to the story or dialogue as I was too distracted by the garish fake blooms next to the bride’s head.


Some movies do get it spot on though. My favorite is probably the gardens in the Meryl Streep hit, “It's Complicated.” You get hints of Meryl's character's marvelous garden at her Santa Barbara, CA, home throughout the film, you see it at the edge of several scenes. She is such a perfectionist. You just KNOW her garden is going to be to-die-for. No garden on film has ever equaled this one: rows of perfect cabbages, carrots, and beans -- everything bug- and blight-free. Impossible in real life, but who cares? You want to hate her, but damn, how you want to BE her. This film is will do more to sell gardening than a thousand Michelle Obama photo ops. I relished every minute of it.


What movie gardens do you love or hate?


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