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Dave's Blog: The Rear Garden in May

The rear garden in May

Several readers have asked, so here it is. At the bottom of this page is a lengthy video of the rear garden, taken with the assistance of a marvelous gadget called a gimbal stablilizer, that allowed me to walk without the video jumping up and down. I can’t hold the camera still standing still, much less walking and going up and down steps. Going from one pond to another I step several feet down on boulders. I can hardly tell.

The video was edited a bit to cut out some of the dead spots, but I couldn’t figure a way to make this shorter and show everything. So, if you’re properly motivated to watch for ten minutes, you’ll see most of what I see when I’m rambling through the garden.

I decided against background music. but you’ll hear plenty of noise from water and birds. The video was taken just before a downpour, so there are no sounds from neighborhood lawnmowers in the background, and only a short session of a dog barking. You will notice the variety of birds. When dogs aren’t barking and lawnmowers roaring, this is what we hear.

I’m not able to see the video on my phone without going to YouTube, for some reason, so I hope you can. I can see it on my desktop just fine. This is the link to the YouTube page just in case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INNdt8Oo838



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