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Ramblin' Through Dave's Garden: An Autumn Update

After a warm and dry late summer, a week of cooler temperatures was greeted enthusiastically. But, this lasted only a few days until unusual heat returned.

Posted: 10/16/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Rambin' Through Dave's Garden: A Great Find

At long last, a yellow flowered toad lily (Tricyrtis flava, below) has been procured of sufficient sturdiness and vigor that there are high hopes for its survival.

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Ramblin' Through Dave's Garden: The Garden's Ponds

Viewing a lovely pond water feature

Given the number of, and space in the garden allotted to ponds, there are disproportionate mentions of plants on these pages and few comments relating to water features. Except for discussion of snakes, that is, and after a summer of harassment from my wife, the one remaining Northern Brown is keeping a low profile.

Posted: 10/10/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Ramblin' Through Dave's Garden: A Purple Coneflower

White coneflowers

There are no purple flowered coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea) in the garden. Or not. Correctly, I've not planted any, but there it is, a tall seedling with a large purple bloom (below) standing tall above a compact clump of white flowered coneflowers ('Powwow White'). 

Posted: 10/10/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Ramblin' Through Dave's Garden: A Difficult Late Summer

Two toad lily blooms

September was difficult, not unusually so, but relatively hot and dry after a mild and wet earlier summer. Leaves of neighborhood sycamores are withered and brown, and though stress is less evident on other trees, continued dry weather could result in poor coloring of foliage in weeks to come.

Posted: 10/2/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Ramblin' Through Dave's Garden: Beijing Beauty

Bloom stalks on a Mahonia 'Marvel' plant

I've been unable to determine the parentage of the narrow leafed mahonia, 'Beijing Beauty' (below), but suspect its heritage is similar to 'Soft Caress' and 'Narihira', which are partially or fully bred from Mahonia eurybracteata, that has proved not to be sufficiently cold hardy in this garden despite my best efforts.

Posted: 9/28/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

A Thing or Two

Occasionally, I am almost convinced that I know a thing or two about the garden. Not often, and though I might speculate about one aggravation or another, mostly I'm just guessing. Term these educated guesses if it pleases you. I'm not offended knowing that the mysteries of the garden are above my mental capabilities.

Posted: 9/25/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

A Few Stray Seedlings

I'm uncertain if Colchicum, sometimes called autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale), spreads readily from seed, but that would explain a small clump several feet downhill from ones that I most definitely planted. It's possible that I planted the scattered few. I cannot be expected to remember everything I've planted, but if I did, the skimpy result is disappointing. 

Posted: 9/21/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Slow and Steady

Gazebo out in the landscape

In a garden's early years, the gardener is perpetually in a rush. Impatiently, he fertilizes and frets over every bug and black spotted leaf that he fears will set the garden back. More important than tomorrow is today, and fast takes priority over slow and steady.

Posted: 9/19/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Sun King and Other Late Summer Beauties

The floral display of 'Sun King' aralia (Aralia cordata 'Sun King', below) is of minor consequence, though the small, satellite shaped flowers are interesting and certain to attract bees. 'Sun King' is most remarkable for its brightly colored yellow foliage, and its size, growing nearly to six feet tall. 

Posted: 9/14/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Weekend Planting

Several hours of this past weekend were occupied by planting. Also removing, which is often more work and not so pleasurable, but large parts of a variegated hydrangea had reverted to green. This hydrangea often was damaged by freezes, and thus rarely flowered, so chopping it out was a year or two overdue.

Posted: 9/11/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Early September Flowers

The first flower of a seedling of 'Miyazaki' toad lily (Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki', below) is larger and earlier than ones expected soon on the nearby parent. 'Miyazaki' seems particularly fertile, with numerous seedlings in recent years, though curiously, none this year.

Posted: 9/7/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

A Late Summer Update

Typically, spent flowers of Oakleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea quercifolia) can be seen for months, but in this oddly damp and mild summer, growth has nearly covered all blooms. This is, of course, of little consequence since flowers have faded past the somewhat attractive pink that persists for weeks. 

Posted: 9/5/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Good News, There Will Be Spring Flowers

Excellent news. Buds are forming on the variegated leaf, red flowered 'Cherokee Sunset' dogwood (Cornus florida 'Cherokee Sunset', below). For whatever reason, there have been no flowers on the dogwood in recent years. I've been resigned that perhaps there would never be flowers again, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Posted: 9/1/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

The Perplexing Yellow Toad Lily

While toad lilies (Tricyrtis) grow like weeds in this garden, with numerous seedlings and some requiring transplanting to avoid overcrowding, I am continually disappointed that yellow flowered cultivars have not survived more than a year, and occasionally weakly into a second. Certainly, this is not for lack of trying.

Posted: 8/28/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Greener Than Usual

Heck, here it is late August and the grass is green. Not that I care much if the lawn turns brown for a month, but this never happens, or at least rarely, and there's no secret why the lawn and garden are much greener than usual at this time. Rain, lots of it, and milder temperatures, with few days in the nineties and fewer days of more extreme heat.

Posted: 8/25/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Thankful for Diversions From Real Life

There are, of course, goings on of much greater consequence than reporting on the status of toad lilies, or to update that mild August temperatures have encouraged more and earlier blooms on Encore azaleas. I view these matters with great concern, but also must escape for hours to the garden where invading nutgrass is the day's aggravation.

Posted: 8/21/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Hard to Figure

I figure that I'm of average intelligence, though certainly my wife will have a thing or two to say about this, but often it seems there are fewer answered than unanswered questions here in the garden. Why is it, I wonder, that a year ago there were many dozens of Tiger swallowtails, and this year there are few in the garden?

Posted: 8/21/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Remarkably, Very Little to Complain About

Always, the gardener can find something, or many somethings to complain about. Certainly, there are a few perfect weeks, but then there's every other day. If not the weather, which is only occasionally ideal, there are weeds, bugs, rabbits, deer, and snakes to disturb the paradise. 

Posted: 8/14/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)

Too Far Astray

I've been informed by higher-ups in this household that two yellow leafed bluebeards (Caryopteris × clandonensis 'Worcester Gold') have strayed too far onto the driveway. Something must be done, immediately. 

Posted: 8/13/2017 by Mike Williams | with 0 comment(s)
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