Create a better soil environment for your lawn

Low pH can cause moss, bare spots and weeds to grow in your grass. Lime helps balance soil pH and creates a better soil environment for your lawn, which significantly reduces these problems. Pennington® Fast Acting Lime goes to work the instant it touches water, so you’re sure to see fast results. Unlike traditional pelletized… Read More

Spring Pruning

Pruning is one of those garden chores that if done right can pay dividends for the entire season. Good pruning and maintenance of your landscape trees and shrubs helps them grow strong and healthy during their growing season, while allowing air and light to circulate through the plant. Despite the benefits of pruning, a little… Read More

The Not So Dandy Dandelion

Dandelions – as children, we loved their vibrant yellow color, and their fuzzy “make a wish” seed heads! Who knew they would one day be THE ENEMY – one of the most common and hated weeds?! Now the yellow flowers bring negative attention to lawns in the spring and fall, and when the flowers and… Read More