Gardening Things To Do In March

Gardening tools laid out in a display

March is the month that we, gardeners, have been looking forward to.  For some of us, it has been a long, boring winter.  March means that hibernation is finally over and we can spend more time outside. Just like with meteorology, the green industry looks at the first of March as the beginning of spring … Read more

Moles, Why Now?

Moles burring up from the ground

It is only mid-February and many customers have come into the garden center or called the store with concerns about seeing their lawns being torn up with mole tunnels.   The customers are wondering, why now?  With the cold winter we are having, aren’t the grub worms still down deep in our soil? A COMMON QUESTION  … Read more

Valentine’s Day: A Day for Romance, or Revelry

A box of chocolates for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day:  A day of gentle sighs, pink ribbons, red roses—or a pagan festival rich with drunken revelry and young men and women being matched up by lottery—at last for the duration of the festival? The ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia was celebrated every year on February 15th.  It was a festival of fertility in … Read more

February Gardening Thoughts and Tips

Snowy backdrop

February is finally here.  Sure, we are still in winter and will have some cold days and maybe some more snow days.  But, on the nice days, there are plenty of outdoor chores to get done this month. Hold off on pruning your shrubs just because they look bad.  A lot of our evergreens, such … Read more

Curing the Winter Blues With Hellebores

A collection of hellebore plants

Hellebores are truly winter’s most interesting evergreen perennial.  We can have color from any time between December through April when nothing else is growing let alone in bloom.  Not only do hellebores bloom at a time of year when we are desperate for some color, they are also deer resistant. We just experienced our coldest … Read more

Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Whistle Pigs?

Groundhog chewing on some grass

This coming Friday is Groundhog’s Day.  So here are a few interesting facts about Groundhogs… Groundhogs are not related to hogs at all but are marmots closely related to squirrels.  They are basically a giant ground squirrel. They’re widely distributed across North America from northern Alabama all the way up to Alaska. They truly hibernate … Read more

Effects Of Our Cold Weather On Our Beloved Plants

A fence thermometer in the middle of a wet field

These past three weeks sure has taken a toll on us gardeners.  It is hard to spend any time outside.  But, most of all, we are all concerned about the health of some of our outdoor plants. Here we are on the 24th of January.  One bright side to all of this worrisome is that spring … Read more

Got Squirrels?

A small squirrel in the branch of a tree

Sunday, January 21, was Squirrel Appreciation Day.  What?  I’m supposed to appreciate these fuzzy little things that destroy my garden?  Well…Yes. The word ‘squirrel’ comes from the Anglo-Norman word esquirel with roots in the Greek word skiouros meaning ‘shadow-tailed.’  A group of squirrels is called a “scurry” (a Scurry of Squirrels—appropriate).  They are native to every … Read more

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