BONNIE’S GARDEN – My 2020 Garden Resolutions

How many New Year’s resolutions do we actually keep? You go to the gym in January and there’s always a waiting line for the first available treadmill. By March, not only is there no line, but there are several vacant treadmills waiting.

My Three 2020 Garden Resolutions

I’m better at keeping the ones I make about my garden, thank goodness. So here is this year’s list:

I resolve to be better about keeping weeds and debris out of my garden over the winter.

I do fine over the summer but I’m NOT a winter fan and I hate being cold so I kind of let it slide, even though I know better. One of the best ways to avoid problems in your garden during summer is to avoid weeds and debris over winter so insect eggs or fungal spores have nowhere to hide.

By the way, I think I’m gonna be able to keep this one. I actually went out New Year’s afternoon for a little while and pulled a few weeds!

I resolve to be better about repotting plants—when they NEED it.

Most people have the opposite problem—they pot plants when they don’t need it—and they sometimes OVER pot them. On the other hand, I tend to avoid repotting—even when the plant is BEGGING me to do it.

My poor Meyer lemon tree should have been repotted a year or two ago. It was getting to the point I could hardly keep it watered over the summer because it was so pot-bound. It literally was drying out every other day. I figured indoors, with shorter days and weaker sunlight, it would be better. Wrong! I forgot about dry indoor air….

Every year, I resolve to take time to actually smell the roses, not just weed, water and prune them.

But alas, this past summer I was busy trying to keep everything watered in August and September. I didn’t make time to sit in the rocker on my deck and admire how pretty the fall-blooming clematis was covered with those fragrant starry flowers or sit and watch the bees dance over the showy white flowers of September blooming garlic chives. So I resolve to do better next summer.

These are my “Big 3” 2020 gardening resolutions. What Are YOUR 2020 Gardening Resolutions?

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