June Gardening Tasks and Thoughts

June Gardening Tasks

JUNE 1 IS THE “UNOFFICIAL” START TO SUMMER ​May ended up by being a very good month for gardeners. We had good timely rainfall throughout the entire month. We had no late frosty nights and we did not have many extremely hot days. So, May was good to us.  Our soil temperature is now 73 … Read more

Eat Your Flowers

A salad of edible flowers and salad greens

EDIBLE FLOWERS: AN “EVER-GROWING” CUISINE TREND Here we are ready to go into June. This time of year our landscape is bursting with beautiful colors from all types of flowers. Have you ever heard of Flower Cookery? Believe it or not, more and more customers are looking for and inquiring about edible flowers. Flower cookery … Read more

Plant Highlight for May

Virginia Sweetspire Itea Henry's Garnet

I LOVE THIS PLANT My selected plant to highlight is the Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’. Or, more commonly referred to as Virginia Sweetspire. As you may figure out with Virginia being in its name, Virginia Sweetspire is a native shrub to our area. Right now it is in flower. It has fragrant, white flower spikes … Read more

Water Plants

Now is the time to clean out your water garden and water plants in preparation for the winter

‘TIS THE SEASON WE HAVE WATER PLANTS NOW! Water plants represent yet another form of landscaping. Yes, it is not for everyone. But more and more homeowners are accenting their existing landscape with a water feature. This feature doesn’t have to be large. You can start small and then “grow” and expand your water feature … Read more

Companion Plants for Your Garden

Corn, beans, and squash are the three sisters of companion plants

Most people have heard of the Three Sisters garden—corn, beans, and squash. Well, believe it or not, it makes sense. The corn gives the beans something to climb. The beans affix nitrogen to the soil (and corn loves nitrogen), and the squash suppresses weeds by acting as a mulch. This is companion planting at its … Read more

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