Gardening Tasks To Do In March

March Gardening Chores

March is the month that so many gardeners have been waiting for over the past three months. Spring will officially be here on March 19th. Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 10th, which will give us extra daylight in the evening for gardening. In wrapping up February, last month was relatively kind to us. We … Read more

Your Finger Holds the Key to Proper Watering

Watering is made much easier when you use your finger to check the soil

Did you know the number one way to kill a houseplant? It’s watering! Sometimes underwatering but usually overwatering. So, how do we not kill our plants this way? The Answer to Perfect Watering Is At Your Fingertips One of the best ways to correct your watering is, believe it or not, your finger! When you … Read more

Let’s Talk Crabgrass Control


Here we are at the end of February. Warmer days and longer daylight hours are happening. Our soil temperature is warming. Our plants are beginning to wake up from their long winter nap. Many of our plants are starting to put out new leaves, and some are beginning to bloom—such as our forsythia shrubs with … Read more

Peas – A Great Veggie to Plant in March

Peas can be planted in mid-March in central Virginia.

Peas should be planted in central Virginia around the middle of March, so I thought I’d give you some interesting tidbits about these delicious veggies. Well, botanically speaking, they’re technically a seed. The peapods are a fruit! Pea Facts Peas are one of the earliest known domesticated crops—about 11,000 years ago, though they were eaten … Read more

Five Easy Care Houseplants

Snake plant is an easy houseplant to care for as a beginner.

 TRY THESE PLANTS AND TURN YOUR BROWN THUMB GREEN February is houseplant month for The Great Big Greenhouse. We pride ourselves on the selection of houseplants that we carry. We have a houseplant for you. Some houseplants are easier to care for than others. Success with houseplants starts with choosing the right plant for you. … Read more

Growing Citrus Trees in Containers

Growing citrus indoors is fun and easy

GROWING CITRUS IN THE RICHMOND AREA BRINGS A LITTLE SLICE OF PARADISE Growing citrus plants has been a strong houseplant trend over the past few years. This is very true because people find having citrus plants very rewarding. Citrus is a pretty plant that has fragrant white flowers, pretty leaves, and fruit. The bottom line … Read more

Repotting Houseplants

Repotting houseplants like an African Violet

When people buy a new houseplant, one of the first things they often ask is, “When do I repot it?” The correct answer is, “Not yet.” Repotting is a shock to the plant. Taking it home to a new environment is a shock to the plant. Try to give a plant no more than one … Read more

Happy Groundhog’s Day

How accurate are groundhogs at predicting the weather?

This past Friday was Groundhog’s Day. Were you one of the 30,000 people who traveled to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, for Groundhog Day to see what Punxsutawney Phil had to offer? Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year and predicted an early spring. So what the heck is a Groundhog, anyway? How often is he … Read more

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