Professor Doug’s Nursery School

A group of children celebrating while learning about gardening terms

UNDERSTANDING GARDENING TERMINOLGIES Professor Doug here. Our local schools are now back in session for the new year. I thought that it was only fitting that we do some school work as well with gardening terms. I always stress knowledge being a major key to being a successful gardener. Knowing plant terminology is a major … Read more

My Perennial Highlight for September – Sedum Autumn Fire

Sedum autumn fire

Do you have a hot, dry, very sunny spot in your landscape that you can’t seem to find any plant to live in? If you do, then I think you should consider planting some sedums—especially AUTUMN FIRE. Basically, all sedums could be looked at as being succulent. They need lots of sunlight and excellent draining … Read more


September is the best time to start your fall planting

THE PLANT INDUSTRY LOOKS AT THE ENTIRE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER AS THE BEGINNING OF FALL We like to look at the fall planting season starting on the first of September and going through the end of November. Like the astronomical definition, our fall planting season begins with the autumnal equinox. Equinoxes are the result of … Read more

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