Things To Do In April

April gardening chores

FINALLY! APRIL IS HERE! BOY ARE WE READY TO HELP YOU! Let’s re-cap March. Early March was warm, and we got a good amount of rainfall. But, starting around the middle of March, we turned dry for about 10 days, and our daily high temperatures were cooler than average. We did get some much-needed soaking … Read more

What To Know About When To Start Planting

Many guests ask when to start planting in the spring

SPRING IS OFFICIALLY HERE This month, gardeners are experiencing many changes. First, daylight saving time started, which gave everyone extra daylight in the evening to be outside and do some gardening. Second, Spring officially began on Tuesday, March 19th. But what Mother Nature gives us is the most important. So far in March, we have … Read more


Rows of lavender in bloom

LAVENDER IS A BUSHY PERENNIAL THAT WILL LAST YEARS IN THE GARDEN OR CONTAINERS Spring is in the air, and so is the scent of lavender. For many of you, lavender is an all-time favorite perennial. For others, growing it can be challenging and frustrating. Here’s a little historical background on this popular plant. Lavender … Read more

Gardening Tasks To Do In March

March Gardening Chores

March is the month that so many gardeners have been waiting for over the past three months. Spring will officially be here on March 19th. Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 10th, which will give us extra daylight in the evening for gardening. In wrapping up February, last month was relatively kind to us. We … Read more

Let’s Talk Crabgrass Control


Here we are at the end of February. Warmer days and longer daylight hours are happening. Our soil temperature is warming. Our plants are beginning to wake up from their long winter nap. Many of our plants are starting to put out new leaves, and some are beginning to bloom—such as our forsythia shrubs with … Read more

Five Easy Care Houseplants

Snake plant is an easy houseplant to care for as a beginner.

 TRY THESE PLANTS AND TURN YOUR BROWN THUMB GREEN February is houseplant month for The Great Big Greenhouse. We pride ourselves on the selection of houseplants that we carry. We have a houseplant for you. Some houseplants are easier to care for than others. Success with houseplants starts with choosing the right plant for you. … Read more

Growing Citrus Trees in Containers

Growing citrus indoors is fun and easy

GROWING CITRUS IN THE RICHMOND AREA BRINGS A LITTLE SLICE OF PARADISE Growing citrus plants has been a strong houseplant trend over the past few years. This is very true because people find having citrus plants very rewarding. Citrus is a pretty plant that has fragrant white flowers, pretty leaves, and fruit. The bottom line … Read more

Dear Deer

You can reduce damage from deer by using various deer repellents in the landscape

THIS IS A KIND NOTE TO REMIND YOU TO PLEASE LEAVE MY PLANTS ALONE THIS WINTER I wish deer could read. If so, I would post signs asking them to stay out of my yard and gardens this winter. I have already had a few frustrated customers come into the garden center saying how deer … Read more

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