January Gardening Thoughts & Tips

January gardening tips

JANUARY IS A GOOD MONTH TO SIT BACK, RELAX, AND PLAN YOUR GARDEN STRATEGY FOR THE UPCOMING SPRING SEASON Let’s talk about December before we get into talking about January. Our daily temperatures hovered around normal. We did get a great soaking rain on the 15th of December—I live in Midlothian and we got over … Read more

Caring For Your Container Gardens in the Winter

Winter container gardening is a great hobby if you know how to be successful

YEAR ROUND CONTAINER GARDENING HAS BECOME A STRONG GARDENING TREND Yes, container gardening is very popular. Yes, container gardening can be done year round here in Central Virginia. Yes, each or our four seasons gives our container gardens their own challenges. These past couple of weeks I have had numerous customers ask about what they … Read more

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to our wintertime landscapes

LOOKING AT YOUR WINTERTIME LANDSCAPES So many avid gardeners are now adjusting to a gardening season where there is not a lot of activity. But, on nice, sunny days, it is good to get outside, get some fresh air, walk around your gardens, and look at these gardens from a different perspective. This is the … Read more

Gifts for Gardeners

The Great Big Greenhouse is your one-stop for gifts for gardeners

LAST-MINUTE GIFT IDEAS Here we are approaching Hanukkah and Christmas. If you are a procrastinator like me then you are just getting started with holiday shopping. See us at The Great Big Greenhouse and we can assist you with making some great, unique gift choices. Here are just a few ideas for gifts: PLANTS We … Read more

‘Tis the Pruning Season

Now is the time to gather evergreen clippings for your holiday decorations

USING YOUR EVERGREEN CLIPPINGS FOR DECORATIONS Here we are heading into December. This year we have stayed frost-free up until the week before Thanksgiving. With this colder weather, our plants are now more dormant for the season. With this dormancy comes an excellent time to do some “selective” pruning to use these clippings for holiday … Read more

Thinking Ahead

A winter gardens setup

WHAT SHOULD WE BE DOING TO PREPARE OUR GARDENS FOR WINTER Here we are in November. Our plants have been working very hard these past months to impress us with their beauty and to make us happy that they are in our landscape. But, now these plants are ready for a break and a nap. … Read more

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