Fall Lawn Seeding

Doug's fall lawn care tips

NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO BE SEEDING OR OVER-SEEDING YOUR LAWN Are you ready for September and the start of our seeding and fertilizing season for lawns? Many homeowners are prepared and follow the S.O.D. program (September, October, & December). If you have any lawn care questions or concerns, then I urge you to … Read more

The Scoop On Poop

We've got the scoop on poop for using manure your organic garden

TIPS AND THOUGHTS ABOUT USING ANIMAL MANURE WITH YOUR PLANTINGS I am thinking ahead a little bit. Yes, we are in August, but the fall planting season will soon be here before we know it. Adding manure to our soil when planting is not something new. Farmers have been using it to fertilize their crops … Read more

5 Easy Care Houseplants for a Dorm Room

Here's some ideas for houseplants for a dorm room

ADDING LIVING DÉCOR TO A DORM ROOM It’s early in August, but many parents are preparing to pack their kids for college. Many kids are leaving home for the first time and will spend their first year of college living in a dorm room. We all know how small and cramped a dorm room can … Read more

August Gardening Chores and Tips

August gardening chores and tips

AUGUST CAN BE A TOUGH MONTH FOR GARDENERS Yes, August can be tough on gardening because of the heat and high humidity, which makes being outside and working in the gardens a little unbearable. This is one reason to consider August a planning month for the upcoming FALL PLANTING SEASON. AUGUST GARDENING CHORES AND TIPS … Read more


Blueberries on the vine

JULY IS NATIONAL BLUEBERRY MONTH July is an excellent month to enjoy the fruits of bounty from blueberries in the area. Our produce vendors with our farmers’ market can now provide fresh, locally grown blueberries. See and enjoy our farmers’ market every Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm. Not long ago, I did a … Read more

Water It Right!

Proper watering is important

THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF WATERING PLANTS Here we are in mid-July. July’s weather has been typical, with the heat index rising and high humidity levels. I have to say that we are fortunate in that Mother Nature has helped with some timely rainfall. But we need to learn good watering practices. Good watering practices … Read more

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