Why Adding Clover Seed To Your Lawn Is Good To Do


Adding clover seed to your lawn is a strong growing trend in lawn care. I guess it is “what goes around / comes around.” People now adding clover seeds to their lawns made me smile. This is how lawns used to be – a blend of grass and clover seed. Granted, a clover lawn looks less tidy than a traditional lawn that we have today. But it does so much for our lawns.

Very quickly – Here are reasons why you should be adding clover to your lawn:

  1. It is more drought tolerant than grass / thus needing less watering during our hot, dry summer months.
  2. It is more heat tolerant than grass. Growing up, my family had a huge lawn—maybe a couple of acres—which I mowed. My parents never irrigated their lawn, sprayed for weeds, or added any grass seed. Talk about low maintenance, talk about cost efficiency. This is because most of the yard was clover. I miss it.
  3. It is helpful to your soil and the turf and plants that are around it. Clover adds nitrogen to the soil naturally.
  4. Their blossoms attract our honeybees and other beneficial insects.
  5. It helps to minimize weed growth, thus reducing or eliminating the need for herbicides.
  6. It does not need to be fertilized.

We are in early to mid-March. It is best to sow clover seeds when the ground is soft and warm in early spring. If you are pleased with the results, September and October are another great time to add clover seeds to your lawn.

Remember, clover is a rapid spreader, which is fantastic when crowding out weeds.

So, see us. We carry clover seeds.

Think about what I just wrote. We need to get back to the way it used to be—a clover-based yard, no more need to spray an herbicide, and cut back on irrigation. Tell me what is wrong with this picture. We need to turn around and rethink how we can be more biodiverse with nature and start supporting our native insects before it is too late. We need them to survive.

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