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Last week, I wrote my blog on vegetable gardening. It is time to move forward and get our vegetables and herbs planted. Just keep in mind that vegetable gardening is just at the beginning stages. Early May is still a great time to get started. Now, back to this topic of square-foot gardening. My fingers are still crossed, hoping we do not have a cold snap or frost forecast. Our soil temperature has gotten a little warmer this past week. The temperature is now 62 degrees.

If you don’t have ample space for a vegetable garden, the square-foot gardening method may be your answer. A square-foot garden is just what the name refers to—a raised bed garden laid out in 1-foot squares where a different vegetable, herb, or annual flowers are planted in each square. Square-foot gardening is an easy way to manage a garden. You can make your square-foot garden a size that is right for you. It can be 4’x 4’, giving you 16 one-foot squares. Or you can go bigger. An 8’ x 8’ garden will create 64 one-foot squares.


So, do I have you thinking about square-foot gardening? If so, then how do you get started?

  • First, make sure the area where you want to garden is relatively flat. Vegetables, herbs, etc., need a minimum of six strong hours of sunlight.
  • Second, I would ensure you have easy access to water for this vegetable garden.
  • Third, be sure to stay on top of feeding and weeding. You will not have as many issues with weeds in a raised bed, which is an excellent benefit for gardening. As for fertilizing, there are many great garden foods to choice. My preference is Espoma Tomato Tone. Even though it is called Tomato Tone, it is excellent for all vegetables, not just tomatoes.

See us for all your vegetables and herbs. Right now, we have a great selection to show you. And don’t forget about the soil. We have some excellent soils that would be ideal for a raised garden bed for square-foot gardening.

And lastly, think about the PLANT A ROW FOR THE HUNGRY. These extra vegetables and herbs can be shared with your neighbors, community, etc. It is a great feeling when you can be shared.

Plant a Little Happiness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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