Eight Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Today, April 22nd is Earth Day. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed it in 1970 in response to the environmental interest created by Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring in 1962.

Let’s Thank Rachel Carson, Author of Silent Spring

Rachel Carson, a marine biologist, voiced her concerns about DDT and certain other pesticides in her book. This led to a national ban on DDT and President Richard Nixon’s creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. President Jimmy Carter posthumously awarded Rachel Carson the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

So, how can we celebrate Earth Day?

  1. Buy reusable grocery bags—and use them: Plastic does not quickly biodegrade and can last in the environment for nearly a thousand years. When it does break down, it can break down into toxic microplastics.
  2. Create and use a compost pile—recycling at its best: We waste almost 40% of our food! Why not create a compost pile and recycle our leftovers or food that has gone bad?
  3. Plant pollinator-friendly plants: Our bees and butterflies need help.
  4. Use organic products in the yard—and always follow the directions: Remember, every product you use has an effect. Make sure your products have the impact you want without poisoning the environment.
  5. Use plants native to your area: Native plants are used to our weather and may even have some natural resistance to native insects, so fewer pesticides are needed.
  6. Take a walk: While you’re walking, appreciate your environment and clean up any plastic in the area.
  7. Shop at a Farmers Market: Most of the food bought at a grocery store has traveled hundreds to thousands of miles to get to the store, using vast amounts of fossil fuels. Fruits and veggies can lose flavor and nutrients during these long trips. Shippers also use far more plastics in packaging. And one more important reason to shop at a Farmers Market: Local tastes better! Important Note: You can shop at the Farmers Market at the Great Big Greenhouse’s parking lot every Thursday from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. with great vendors, farm fresh food, and more.
  8. Plant a tree: Do double duty by making it a native tree.

You Can Help Take Care of Our Environment

Our environment is a precious gift. Let’s take care of it. By taking one or more of these simple actions, you’ll help protect our environment, celebrate Earth Day, and honor Rachel Carson.

Thank you…

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