GARDEN TIME with DOUG – Evergreen Perennials


Just when you thought you understood what an annual is, what a perennial is, and what a shrub is – here I come along to add another dimension to your plant thinking. But, in my defense, there is an increased gardening interest with using hardy perennials that are evergreen. Matter of fact, there are a couple of my more favorite perennials that fall under the category of being evergreen. It is these perennials and a few others that I want to highlight with this blog.

The best thing about evergreen perennials is that they will add year-round texture to your landscape.

One of my most favorite evergreen perennial is HEUCHERA or, more commonly referred to as CORAL BELLS. I absolutely love this plant because of the color range that it gives with its foliage. We carry a nice selection of Coral Bells this time of year. And, because I am an outdoor container nut, I use Coral Bells as part of my container garden display.

Another favorite evergreen perennial is the fern called “Autumn Brilliance.” I use this fern in one of my container gardens along with a coral bell. Then each season all I need to do is fill in with seasonal flowers which now I am using pansies between the perennials. But, Autumn Brilliance is great to use in a semi-shaded garden.

Yet another favorite evergreen perennial is the HELLEBORE or sometimes referred to as the “Lenton Rose.” Hellebores are just coming into popularity because some varieties are just coming into bloom. Hellebores are a late fall/winter-blooming perennial. Not only are Hellebores evergreen but they are also deer and vole resistant plants. Come see us because we are beginning to expand our selection of this wonderful perennial.

If you like a grass-looking evergreen perennial then you must consider the Carex. Carex comes with blade colors of variegated, green, and chartreuse. Because of its dwarf growing characteristic, Carex is ideal to use in container gardens.

A sun-loving perennial that has a unique look is the Yucca filamentosa “Color Guard.” This wonderful, sun-loving, drought-tolerant native perennial has variegated foliage with the yellow turning dark pink during the colder months.


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