BONNIE’S GARDEN – How to Grow Herbs in Your Home Over Winter

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme to Grow Herbs

If you have a window that gets a lot of sun during the winter, then why not put it to work for you growing your favorite herbs? All you need to do is to RAISE your blinds if you have them (by raising them, you can triple the amount of sunlight your plants will get) and check for heating vents.

If you have ceiling vents or floor vents where the windows are, then go to the nearest hardware store and get “deflectors” which will direct the air out into the room and away from the window.

Do you have less than six hours of sunlight where you plan to grow your herbs? If so, augment what natural light you do have with grow lights. The lights should be about two feet away from your plants and need to be on 16 hours a day. We’re trying to make up for quality light with quantity…

Some Herbs to Try


You can start basil from seed and all it needs to be happy is sunshine and warmth.


Chives will grow easily from seed but will produce quicker if you simply divide a clump in your yard, pot the division, and bring it in. Chives prefer full sun but will tolerate getting only three or four hours, as long as it’s mid-day/early afternoon sun.


Start from seeds or root a cutting from an existing plant.


Easily started from seed.


Start from seed. Cilantro does not grow more leaves when cut like parsley does, so if you love cilantro, you may want to start more than one pot.


Start from seed. It loves the sun but will tolerate only three to four hours, provided it is mid-day.

Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Sage

They are all best grown from cuttings or from nursery-grown stock. Remember, all of these Mediterranean herbs like to go fairly (but NOT bone) dry between waterings. You can often find Rosemary in pots in garden centers this time of year—like us!

Indoor heated air is very drying so tender leaved herbs like basil and cilantro will be happiest if you mist gently a couple of times a day. Remember that winter is these herbs’ natural resting period so don’t expect abundant growth. Still, on a cold winter day, a pinch or two of fresh herbs can really wake up a dish.

Growing Herbs is a Great Wintertime Activity

Growing herbs is a great wintertime activity. They’re easy to grow and you’ll have tasty herbs in no time!

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