Let’s Take a Walk Around My Garden

It’s National Walk Around Things Day – Let’s Take a Walk Around My Garden

Did you know that tomorrow (Tuesday, the 4th) is National Walk Around Things Day? The National Day Calendar is uncertain of the origin of this, so let’s just “run” with it. I’m a gardener, so maybe I’ll celebrate by walking around my yard while I decide what I will put where.

Let’s Begin With My Front Yard

The flowers in my front flower bed didn’t do so well last year—the maple has gotten bigger, so the shade has not only gotten more intense, but the soil is drying out faster because of the tree’s roots. Impatiens can take the shade but don’t do so well in dry, dry soil.

I know! Caladiums! Those pretty leaves can take the shade but wouldn’t have to be watered almost daily as impatiens would. Begonias would also work better than impatiens.

What to Do About Deer

Now I’ll walk around to the backyard of my house and figure out what to do with the flower bed that deer keep nibbling at. Do you know that some of deer repellants’ main ingredients are rosemary and garlic oil? Why not grow my own?

If deer don’t care for that herb smell, and some herbs are certainly pretty enough to incorporate into the flower bed, why not? Maybe chives with their pretty puffy lavender flowers, chamomile with their daisy-like flowers, or the blue/violet flowers of lavender or rosemary? Even parsley, with its lacy dark green foliage, is a pretty enough plant. Or the silvery-green leaves of sage.

And, of course, I can always plant onions or garlic around the outside edge of my vegetable garden.

Tulips and Daffodils – Yes!

Then I’ll talk a walk to the side yard and admire the beautiful patch of pink tulips and white daffodils. Yes, I can plant tulips even though deer are in the neighborhood. I surround them with daffodils, which are toxic to deer, and they leave the tulips alone!

So that’s the way I’ll celebrate National Walk Around Things Day. How will you celebrate?

Choose Those “Just Right” Plants Now!

If you want to beautify your yard, stop by the Great Big Greenhouse and let us help you. We have a great selection, and now is the time to “Think Spring” and enjoy National Walk Around Day in your own lovely yard.

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