LET’S TALK GARDENING – December Gardening Thoughts and Chores


“Time flies by quickly when you get old.” I am there and this “old” saying is so true. But, life is good. And, gardening in December is good.

We had some rain in November, although we could have used more as we go into the colder months. REMEMBER, WE NEVER WANT ANY OF OUR PLANTS TO BE DRY GOING INTO ANY COLD SPELLS—BE MINDFUL OF YOUR CONTAINER GARDENS.

I did a recent soil temperature reading. Our soil is still in the low 50s. This is good for any of you who are still planting. Our soil is warmer this year mainly because October is the 4th warmest October on record and this kept our soil temperature above normal as we headed into November. Then in November we had some nice warm days with little frost or freeze to speak of.


Leaves have been falling at a rapid pace. DON’T BAG—think about grinding these leaves with your mower and using them as mulch around your shrubs and trees. By grinding up the leaves it will help them break down into great organic matter that your plants will benefit from and thank you. If you are composting leaves then be sure to give your compost pile a turn monthly in order to accelerate the humus process.


If you have been following the S.O.D. then you know that the “D” stands for December and now is the time to give your lawns their last feeding. Also, in addition to the fertilizing, you could add a weed-killing herbicide. Consider putting down BONIDE WEED BEATER COMPLETE.  This is a good product because it offers both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. If you had issues with chickweed last year then you may know that chickweed is an annual weed that has already dropped its seed in the lawn. Normally in our area, chickweed seeds will start germinating in mid to late winter. Weed Beater Complete will keep the annual weed seed from germinating. Also, it will help with crabgrass control and with other annual weeds.


Don’t forget about our birds. We all live with nature and birds need our help with food, water, and shelter during the winter months.


Do you still have bulbs to plant? No problem! Now is still a good time to be planting bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, and other spring-blooming bulbs—especially with our warmer soil temperature.


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