LET’S TALK GARDENING – Reusing and Recycling Your Christmas Tree


Now that the Christmas Holiday has passed, many of you, like me, are taking decorations down including removing the Christmas tree from inside the house. Here is where this cut Christmas tree still has value. Before you toss it onto the curb, here are a few ideas for ways to recycle your Christmas tree in your garden:

  1. The National Christmas Tree Association has a bunch of sustainable ideas for recycling this used Christmas tree. According to them, old trees make a nice feeding area and refuge for fish when sunken in ponds. And if you’ve got a small fish tank in the house, you could even break off small branches for a little fish tank décor.
  2. You can leave the tree right in its stand and set it outside in the yard for the rest of the winter. You can string fruit or popcorn for birds to munch on. There is something extra rewarding about giving a piece of nature directly back to the environment for animals’ benefit. You can tie some pine cones on the branches after you have smeared peanut butter on the cones and rolled them in birdseed. Be creative at this point.
  3. Recently, we had a kids’ activity at the garden center whereby they painted tree butts that we cut into one-inch-thick pieces. The kids loved this activity.
  4. You can cut long branch boughs off the tree and lay them over perennials for the winter. This is especially useful for perennials that may be a little tender for our area. Then, at the end of winter, this “winter blanket” can be easily removed from the perennials.
  5. If you have access to a chipper, Christmas trees make for great mulch. Once chipped, the branches can be used to enrich and insulate the garden soil.
  6. You can take the whole tree and lay it down in a wooded area. This tree will serve as a winter haven for birds and other critters during the cold, winter months.

These are just a few valuable thoughts as to how you can continue to use a Christmas tree in a very useful way.

HAPPY GARDENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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