Preen and Mulch Is Double Trouble For Weeds

Everyone knows and has heard of mulch.  But, how many of you are familiar with the product PREEN?

There are a few good reasons why we mulch our garden beds.  One is simple.  We like the fresh look of mulch on our gardens.  Another good reason for mulching is that it aids in the health of our plants.  Mulch will keep the ground shaded, cooler, and moist longer.  The other strong reason for mulching is for controlling weeds in the garden beds.

Mulch is considered the first line of defense against weeds.

To support these good reasons for mulching around plants and our garden beds, we have:

Our 3 cu. ft. bag   Hardwood Mulch is on sale from March 13 – 21
Four 3 cubic foot bags for only $14.00

That’s right  –  3 cubic foot bags.  We are one of a few companies that have hardwood mulch in this larger size bag.  This is a great buy and we only run this sale once a year.  Are you a basketball fan?  Did you catch our “play on words” with MARCH MADNESS?

Now, let’s talk about PREEN.  Preen is a weed preventer.  When applied to garden beds it creates a barrier and stops weeds before they can even start growing.

Preen and Mulch work in tandem as a one / two punch against weed growth.  And, this combination will help to reduce or eliminate any need to spray herbicides for weed control in the future because you stopped weed growth in their tracks.  To me, this combination of Preen and mulch is very eco-friendly for our environment  – especially when you can eliminate spraying herbicides.  Our bees and other beneficial insects will thank you.
Here are the steps involved in applying Preen and Mulch to your existing garden beds:

  1. Pull all actively growing weeds.
  2. Sprinkle Preen evenly on your garden bed.
  3. Water the product into the soil.
  4. Add 1” to 2” of mulch on top of the Preen.

How simple is this!!!!  Now you are ready to sit back and enjoy a weed-free garden.

Happy Gardening!!!!

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