Thank a Farmer

This past Thursday was October 12th—National Farmer’s Day. It’s observed every year on October 12th to thank farmers for their hard work. Incredibly, approximately 2% of our population feeds the rest of us! Let us not forget that every piece of produce we eat—from apples to zucchini—has a grower behind it.

So, How Do You Thank a Farmer?

Over 10,000 local farmers’ markets in the U.S. are dedicated to providing their local communities with fresh local produce and products. Locally grown produce tastes better because it was picked at the peak of freshness and not picked ten days ago and artificially ripened in transit as some grocery store produce is. It’s better for you, as well, because it’s not only flavor that degrades as produce ages, but their nutrients also degrade.

Why Shopping Locally Matters

Buying locally keeps money in our community instead of going to some faraway corporation. It also reduces our carbon footprint by not requiring massive amounts of packaging or gas in shipping. On average, only 10 cents of each food dollar returns to the farmer. The other 90 cents goes to packaging, marketing, and transportation. When you buy from a farmers’ market, on the other hand, the farmer receives 80 or more cents of each food dollar! Support your local farmers and entrepreneurs by buying locally!

Your Local Farmers Market at the Great Big Greenhouse

Speaking of farmers’ markets, we have one at the Great Big Greenhouse every Thursday between 10 AM and 2 PM.

If you ate today, thank a Farmer!

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