Interesting Tidbits about Some Favorite Houseplants

With February being Houseplant Month, I thought I’d share some odd and interesting facts I’ve discovered over years about some of my favorite plants.

Peace Lilies

They’re so pretty with their white flowers but did you know Peace Lilies are not lilies at all but are related to Chinese Evergreens and philodendrons?


Philodendrons are everyone’s favorite low-to-moderate light plants but did you know that in the wild the small berries produced by philodendrons are an important food source for bats and monkeys? Philodendron seldom, if ever, bloom and fruit indoors, however.

Spider Plants

Spider plants, with their many babies, are related to asparagus. While I love asparagus, I don’t think I’ll be oven-roasting my spider plant any time soon.


The popular low-light tolerant “corn” plants, etc. are named for a female dragon (Drakaina). Some wild dracaenas have a red sap which people equated with dragon’s blood.


Our popular Rubber Trees, Weeping Figs, and Fiddle-leaf Figs are related to the hardy Ficus Carica—the fruiting fig. Do you really want to eat that Fig Newton in front of your Fiddleleaf?

Christmas Cacti

Unlike most cacti, Christmas Cacti are NOT a desert cactus. Rather, they are native to the tropical rainforest in Brazil!  In Brazil, they are called Flor de Maio—or May Flowers, which is when they bloom there.


The costly flavoring “vanilla” comes from a seedpod of an orchid. The Vanilla Orchid is the only orchid grown for anything other than the beauty of the flowers.

African Violets

African Violets are NOT violets at all, but Gesneriads—a family of plants that includes Gloxinias, Streptocarpus, and Lipstick Vines.

Venus Fly Traps

Did you know if you fertilize a Venus Fry Trap, it may stop producing traps? Why catch your own food if you don’t have to?

Jade Plants

Those pretty succulent Jade Plants are an Asian symbol of Good Fortune. Feng Shui encourages placing Jades in east windows for family harmony, west windows for creativity, and southeast windows for wealth.

Brighten Your Home With an Indoor Plant!

Houseplants not only add beauty to your home but clean the air, too. Why not brighten your home with a lovely houseplant – or even two or three?

Stop by the Greenhouse to see our great selection. We can help you select that “just right” plant for your indoor light conditions.

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5 thoughts on “BONNIE’S GARDEN – Did You Know?”

  1. I stopped by the store on Rt7 the other day and was grateful for assistance from a very nice young man who carried my plants to the car for me. I very much appreciated that

    • Hi Bonnie!

      We have a nice hand-out here on plants that are toxic to pets. Come by and grab a copy. That said, do understand you still want to discourage them from nibbling even a non-toxic plant as they may have an allergic reaction. A mister bottle on a sharp spray can work wonders! As for your citrus question, YES, citrus trees are easy indoors–if you have a window that gets six hours or more of DIRECT sunlight. As a matter of fact, Saturday, February 29th, we’re having a free seminar on growing citrus–and they’ll be 20% off!

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