GARDEN TIME with DOUG – December Gardening Thoughts and Chores


Up to this point, Mother Nature has been very kind to use with some nice days. Other than a little snow a couple of weeks ago, temperatures have been mild. However, we could use some rain.

This year we are considered being in a moderate drought situation. This is not the best scenario for our plants. On nice days be sure to give our plants a good soaking. We know it will be cold at some point. We never want any of our plants to be dry going into any cold spells.

What do you do with the leaves? You know leaves make a great mulch for around all your plants. Use a lawnmower and grind the leaves up. Leaves will break down quickly over time and add good organic matter to your soil.

Don’t forget about our birds. We all live with nature and birds need our help with food, water, and shelter during the winter months.

I love measuring our soil temperature this time of year. My soil thermometer is giving me a reading of 50 degrees. Sometimes this warm soil temperature surprises gardeners. But, if you have bulbs that you forgot to plant now is still a good planting season for bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, and many others.

When we do get snow, be sure to coat your snow shovel with a “no-stick” cooking spray, such as Pam: the snow slides right off.

Don’t forget to protect your outdoor fountains and birdbaths this winter. You need to drain them of any water in order to prevent cracking due to expanding ice. Once drained and dry, be sure to cover them so that they will not collect rainwater.

As for birdbaths, I mentioned earlier in this blog that we need to help our feathered friends by providing water. If you do have a birdbath then you may want to consider using a birdbath water heater to keep water from freezing. Our birds will love you for this effort.


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2 thoughts on “GARDEN TIME with DOUG – December Gardening Thoughts and Chores”

  1. Hello Doug,
    I was up in Northern VA this past weekend. How far is the Great Meadows Farm from Winchester? Is Chantilly in Clarke or Loudon County? I recalled when my father worked on the early building of Dulles Airport, he traveled to Chantilly from Warren County, US 340 to Rte 7 ? I was not able to contact them to find out Fri. or Sat . hours & do a field trip to the Meadows Farm. Ergo, please give me the local address & I can arrange an excursion during the Christmas holidays.
    Also are there any other retail stores in the Northern VA region besides @ the faem? Should I be able to shop then & and find some sweet deals, & am not able to bring them back, could it be arranged for me to pick them up here in the RVA store?
    Thank you

    • Jane,
      First, thank you for taking the time to send me your note. There are over 10 other Meadows Farms garden centers in Northern Virginia, stretching from Fredericksburg to Winchester to Leesburg etc. I am so pleased that you like shopping with us. My advice would be to go to the website – and the look at locations. I believe by doing so that you will get the information that you are requesting. Take care and have a great holiday season. Doug

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