DOUG’S GARDEN BLOG – It’s September So Time to Get Serious with Lawn Care


With the hottest months of the year now behind us, there is no better time to work to renovate and reseed your lawn than right now. We had lots of rain in August that has put a lot of moisture in our soil.

In my opinion, the first step to take with renovation is with doing a professional SOIL TEST. A soil test will eliminate the guessing game as to what your soil needs in the way of proper levels of nutrients and the proper pH. AND, WE ARE NOW MAKING THIS TASK EASY FOR YOU. Just come to the garden center and purchase a soil analysis kit. I can’t stress this very important point enough. The information that a soil test provides about your soil is so critical in knowing your soils’ needs. Now is the time to do a soil test. Follow the simple instructions on the soil analysis kit. Fill the bag with soil from different parts of the lawn and mail it off. We are using a local laboratory to do the testing so the results of the test will be quick. One great point to the soil test is that we here at the Great Big Greenhouse will receive the results from the laboratory. You will receive notification that the results are in. Come see us when you are ready and we will review the results together.

Other steps needed for a healthy lawn


We recommend aeration of the soil at least once a year.  Aeration helps to reduce compaction of the soil and loosens the soil to allow oxygen to get into the soil.  Core aeration is one that removes plugs of soil and deposits them on the lawn surface.  TIP:   Collect these plugs of soil for your soil test kit.  Collect these plugs from different areas of the lawn in order to fill the plastic bag provided to you in the kit.


One of the results of the soil test will be the pH. The ideal soil pH for turfgrasses is between 6.2 – 6.5. We typically have acidic soil in our region. If your soil pH is below 6.2 then an application of lime will be recommended. I have had 2 different customers come into the store with their soil analysis. One had a pH of 5.1 and the other 4.7. This is way too acidic for a lawn to flourish and thrive. Without this test, these numbers would not have been known.


Knowing the size of your lawn is a very important piece of information. You need to know this information in order to buy the proper amount of grass seed, fertilizer, and other suggested lawn products such as lime.  If you are not sure, we have a program to assist you. Come see us. Give us your address. We can then pull up the square footage.

These are the four steps to proper lawn care:

  3. SOIL pH

DON’T GUESS…  DO THE TEST!!!! Come see us soon.

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4 thoughts on “DOUG’S GARDEN BLOG – It’s September So Time to Get Serious with Lawn Care”

  1. I was told to contact Doug to find out about purchasing poinsettias for a fund raiser for my P.E.O. chapter here in Richmond. We raise funds for scholarships, grants and loans for women. Fundraising is different this year with minimal contact. I saw fundraising prices on your website, but didn’t know if this were for last year or this year. Please let me know. Thank you

    • Brenda,
      Thank you for this message. We do provide fundraisers with our poinsettias. I am going to hand over your message to Kathy Madsen who is the buyer and coordinator of all poinsettias sales. Kathy will be in touch soon. Thank you for considering us to support your fundraiser. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care, Doug Hensel

    • Jean,
      Good Morning. The soil test is $39.99. We will help walk you through the simple steps with the soil test kit. Come see us. Doug

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