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Now that fall has officially arrived with cooler temperatures, it is time to evaluate your summer annuals and summer container gardens. Let’s get your creative juices flowing again with fall flowers and colors for your landscape, patio, porch, and containers.

So, what’s trending now? It is creating a PUMPKIN CONTAINER. It isn’t difficult. Just need to pick out a pumpkin or an exotic gourd and take the top off and clear out the inside thus creating a container and making room for adding potting soil.  Once the top is off and the inside cleared then you want to spray a sealant on the inside and outside of the pumpkin. This sealant will give your pumpkin longevity and could keep your pumpkin firm into the winter. Next, you want to cut a drainage hole in the bottom of the pumpkin ( excess water needs to drain out ). I suggest covering this drainage hole with a little swatch of burlap or a coffee filter – something that will allow the needed drainage and, at the same time, keep any soil from washing out of the drainage hole. Now you are ready to add a good quality potting soil, such as the ESPOMA POTTING MIX, in the pumpkin. Finally, you are now ready to be creative and plant some of your favorite fall plants.

Do you have your creative juices flowing now?

Another trend for this time of year is to add some cool crop fall vegetables in your containers or landscape. The different types of lettuce add color and, at the same time, you can harvest. Other edible leafy vegetables to grow right now are spinach, kale, collards.

Are you still with me about creativity? Here is a unique trend. Take a wheat straw bale and cut out a hole using a knife. Fill the hole with potting soil and plant. And, you have just created a very seasonal and interesting planter.

Be sure to come to see us for all your fall decorating needs. We have it all.

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    • Jane,
      Good Morning. I have always used a clear shellac as the sealer. I would think a clear varnish would work as well. It does put a shine on the outside of the pumpkin. But, that is fine. I see no harm – I sort of like the shine. Thank you for your message. Give the pumpkin container a try. It’s fun and creative. Doug

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