GARDEN TIME with DOUG – My Houseplant Highlight for August


Now is as good a time as any to jump onto the bandwagon and think about adding some houseplants to your home, apartment, or office. More and more people are adding houseplants to their lives.

One of the more popular houseplants is the Fiddle-leaf Fig. It’s a striking tree with large fiddle-shaped waxy leaves that are quilted and wavy. The Fiddle-leaf requires bright indirect light, and soil should dry partially between thorough waterings. The Fiddle-leaf Fig is native to Tropical West Africa.

In talking to Kathy, our houseplant expert, Fiddle-leaf trees will want about 6 hours of bright indirect light. Find a location that you think is bright enough and large enough to accommodate a Fiddle-leaf tree. As Kathy uses this analogy “if you can read a book without artificial lighting in this selected location then this is considered indirect lighting and is enough lighting for a Fiddle-leaf to do well.”

For the past couple of years, the Fiddle-leaf has been one of our bestselling, large growing houseplant. It is hard to open any home and garden magazine and not see a Fiddle-leaf Fig tree being used in the photos.

One good reason for wanting houseplants in your home or office is for your health. All houseplants contribute to some degree to improve air quality in the home or office. Any well cared for houseplants that do well in the home will help clean the air that we breathe. NASA research has shown that foliage plants “scrub” the air, removing toxins commonly found in homes and office buildings.

We do not recommend re-potting these new babies this time of year. All repotting should be done at the beginning of the plant’s growing season (usually late March or early April). This is the time when the plant can use the additional root space.

In lieu of repotting into a pretty container, what we do recommend is to buy one of our beautiful, colorful glazed containers and set the plant down into this pot for the winter or until it needs a bigger container. We have a great selection for you to see in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Then, next spring you can repot the Fiddle-Leaf into this decorative container.

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4 thoughts on “GARDEN TIME with DOUG – My Houseplant Highlight for August”

  1. I have one of these, relatively new to my house. Several of the leaves are dark brown at the tips. The brown section is more circular, but starts at the tip (not in the middle of the leaf). Ideas on what this is from? I have been careful to no over water this plant and moved it to a warmer section of the house bc it was close to a floor vent blowing cool air.

    • Megan,
      I shared your question with Kathy. We both agree that the black / dark brown tips is water related. When you water, you want to water slowly and thoroughly until the water comes out of the drainage holes. Then you want to use your finger and stick it into the soil up to the knuckle. If the soil feels moist still then hold off on the watering until the soil feels dry. Another possible issue is if you repotted it after you got it home. If so, then this extra soil may be keeping the rootball system too moist for too long of a time. So, bottom line – learn when your Fiddle Leaf fig needs water. Enjoy the plant!! Let me hear back from you if you have any further questions or thoughts. Doug

  2. Could you give me a general price on the fiddle leaf fig plants. I would like to have this information prior to driving to your location. Thank you for your time.

    • AnnMarie,
      I will be happy to assist. Right now we have 5 different sizes: 10″ pot shrub form for $39.99, 10″ pot tree form for $59.99, 12″ pot tree form for $99.99, 14″ pot tree form for $169.99, and a 20″ pot tree form for $329.99. Just a reminder – the 20% off sale runs for another week. It ends next Wednesday, August 22. Come see us. Take care, Doug

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