Earth Day 2023


The theme for Earth Day 2023 is Invest in our Planet. I think this theme says it all. The whole purpose of Earth Day is to raise awareness of what we can do to protect our environment and natural resources for generations to come. Never think that anything you choose to plant will not help and support Earth Day. Every plant helps!

We need to be planting more plants. Planting native plants would be ideal. Native plants are lower maintenance and easy to grow without any insecticides or herbicides.

We need to be more conscious of reusing and recycling. We offer a plastic pot recycling box. People can drop off their unwanted plastic pots—any size. I love watching people use this box. And I love watching people take away plastic pots that they can use.

We need to learn how to grow our plants more organically and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. I am so proud of what we have to offer now in the way of native plants and organic products.

We need to get our younger kids more involved with gardening and planting and become more aware of the need to protect our environment. The other day, I pledged with my oldest grandson that we would plant some Butterfly Weed plants—Asclepias tuberosa—around his house. Did you know that this is a native plant for our region? And did you know that the milkweed is the ONLY plant our beloved Monarch butterfly will lay its eggs upon? So, along with the plants, I will talk about the Monarch butterfly and how we all need to help it survive. We are planning to do our planting around Earth Day.

This may be a shorter blog than what I usually write. But, to me, all of us must work on becoming more biodiverse with our environment and realize that we need to co-exist with our animals, bees, butterflies, birds, etc. We need them as much as they need us.

PLANT A LITTLE HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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