Forget the Groundhog: Peepers Signal Spring

I know it is only the beginning of March.  Spring is not officially here for another two weeks.  And, yes, I realize that we could still have more cold days and snow this month.  But, have you spent some time outside lately to take advantage of some of these spring-like days?  I sure have.  And, I love it!!  One of the first things to alert me that spring is arriving is hearing the peepers singing loudly.  What a beautiful sound.  Maybe it is my age and getting older but I sure appreciate the positive things in life and hearing the peepers put a smile on my face.

Spring is the favorite season of many people and for good reason.  Spring is a beautiful time of the year and a welcome relief from the long months of winter.  About right now most people begin to anxiously await spring’s arrival.  We are tired of the damp, cold weather and we tend to look out for all the signs that spring is arriving.

Besides hearing the peepers, here are some other sure signs of spring in Virginia:

  1. Birds are singing.  As soon as dawn arrives I can hear the choir outside.  What a wonderful way to wake up each morning.  My natural alarm clock.
  2. Have you noticed some trees in bloom  The pink blooming trees are a flowering cherry treed called ‘Okame.’
  3. In my yard and gardens, I have dandelions and henbit in bloom.  Know that most people view these plants as weeds and will use a herbicide to kill them.  But, did you know that the dandelion is one of the first flowers that support our bee population?
  4. Forsythia and Quince shrubs are beginning to flower.
  5. Daffodils and Crocus bulbs are in full bud and bloom.
  6. Maple tree buds are swelling and showing growth.
  7. I have a deciduous Daphne that is referred to as February Daphne that is now if full bud and bloom and very fragrant.
  8. Virginia Bluebells are appearing.
  9. Some of the earlier spring blooming camellias are beginning to show off with beautiful colors.
  10. My chives are up almost a foot now.

How about you?  What are your first signs for spring?  We all need to look and live the happy life and surround ourselves with what makes us happy.  The start of spring has put me into a very good mood.

Now, a reality check.  It is only the first of March.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Yes, February is going down as our 6th warmest February on record.  Yes, we had plenty of rain during February that was needed going into spring.  This is all nice.  But, March is roaring in like a lion with rain and strong winds.  Keep in mind that March can still deliver us some cold days and some snow.  Last year we had around 6 inches of snow in March.  However, long-term forecasts for this March is for us to have above average temperatures.  So, now is an appropriate time to do many gardening tasks but just don’t jump the gun.  Keep everything into perspective for this time of year and we will all have a good, productive and successful spring gardening season.


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