Forget the Groundhog: Peepers Signal Spring

Celebrating spring

I know it is only the beginning of March.  Spring is not officially here for another two weeks.  And, yes, I realize that we could still have more cold days and snow this month.  But, have you spent some time outside lately to take advantage of some of these spring-like days?  I sure have.  And, … Read more

Valentine’s Day: A Day for Romance, or Revelry

A box of chocolates for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day:  A day of gentle sighs, pink ribbons, red roses—or a pagan festival rich with drunken revelry and young men and women being matched up by lottery—at last for the duration of the festival? The ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia was celebrated every year on February 15th.  It was a festival of fertility in … Read more

Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Whistle Pigs?

Groundhog chewing on some grass

This coming Friday is Groundhog’s Day.  So here are a few interesting facts about Groundhogs… Groundhogs are not related to hogs at all but are marmots closely related to squirrels.  They are basically a giant ground squirrel. They’re widely distributed across North America from northern Alabama all the way up to Alaska. They truly hibernate … Read more

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