GARDEN TIME with DOUG – November Gardening Tips


The Holiday season is just around the corner but it is still fall and FALL IS FOR PLANTING – better and stronger than ever. We have had some good rainfall this past couple of weeks. Our soil temperature is still warm – 59 degrees according to my soil thermometer. In this general area, we have had a night or two of some light frost but not a strong killing frost. I think that will change later this week when we have a cold front coming down and giving us some night time temperatures in the upper 20’s. Don’t let this cold front scare you away from doing some fall planting. Bottom line is to keep planting because roots continue to grow and develop this time of year and plants planted now will have nearly 7 months of development before the stress of possible heat and dryness next summer.


  1. Many homeowners have been holding off overseeding their lawns because of the dryness. Now that we have had some needed rainfall this past couple of weeks I would suggest getting the seed down now. With our soil temperature being warm you should have germination in a week to 10 days. Also, don’t forget to add some lawn starter fertilizer now.
  2. Again, because of the recent rainfall that has helped add moisture to our soil, now is an ideal time to be planting the spring-blooming bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, and tulips.
  3. Don’t forget our feathered friends this month. November is a good month to hang a bird feeder. The decision to feed our wild birds is not a casual one. Without a doubt, it is an investment to keep bird feeders full. With this investment comes plenty of personal rewards and enjoyment.
  4. As perennials begin to decline for the winter, now is an excellent time to dig up and divide. Daylilies, hosta, iris, peonies, and other perennials will benefit from being divided this time of year. At the time of re-planting be sure to add some ESPOMA BIO-TONE to the hole. The plants will thank you.
  5. I know we have had some good soaking rainfall lately. For all the new plants that have been planted this year, we don’t want to forget to keep them watered on a regular basis. These plants’ root system is not extensive enough yet to be able to go long periods without water. And, we never want to let plants be dry heading into a cold period. When you do water don’t rely solely on an irrigation system. I would rather have you hand water so the watering is concentrated under the drip line of the plant where all the roots are currently located. Sometimes the irrigation system water hits the leaves of the plant and splatters the water away from where it is needed, which is right at the base of the plant.


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  1. I recently cut down a 50 ft tree from my backyard but now it is too open, Townhouse occupants can stare through my window now. Can you suggest a deciduous decorative tree?

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