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Now that we are toward the end of April, outdoor gardening is in full demand. And, growing fresh herbs is huge here in 2022. Did you know that many of our popular herbs are mentioned in the Bible? People who lived in Jesus’ time used herbs not only for food but to flavor food and also for medicinal purposes.


Mint is an herb with a large family. The more popular ones are spearmint for iced tea and juleps, peppermint for citrus drinks, and orange mint for hot tea. Mint is very easy to grow. Mint was well known for being used for flavoring food as it still is today. Some bible experts say mint was among the “bitter herbs” mentioned in Exodus 12:8 and Numbers 9:11. Mint was added to salads and was eaten after a meal as a form of digestive aiding.


Italian flat-leaved parsley is preferred since it rarely has the bitter aftertaste that the curly variety often develops. Parsley is exceptionally high in vitamins A and C. Parsley, although not mentioned in the Bible, was abundant and was used at the Passover as a symbol of a new beginning because it was one of the first herbs to pop up in the spring. The Romans served parsley at banquets as a breath freshener.


Rosemary is one of the most popular herbs to grow. The cultivars Salem and Arp are considered the hardiest. I have Arp growing in a container outdoors year-round and doing great. I love picking fresh rosemary and adding it to different recipes. In Biblical times, people settled their upset stomachs by gargling with rosemary water, and drinking it. Headaches called for rosemary tea. Rosemary twigs were boiled in water and used to wash a feverish body.


Thyme is a wonderful herb to grow. There are many different varieties of thyme–Lemon thyme, variegated thyme English thyme, French thyme, and more. Again, I have thyme growing in a container. I love using freshly picked thyme in cooking.


To me, Basil is the best annual herb to grow. I say annual because basil leaves will turn black and die with temperatures below 40 degrees. But, what a flavor! I grow different varieties of basil every year in containers–regular basil, globe basil, and basil with burgundy leaves. All good in my opinion. I love making my own pesto sauce.


Chives is a very hardy herb that comes back year after year. Fresh chives is easy to pick fresh and use in cooking. Again, I grow my chives in a container.


Oregano is a wonderful, hardy, perennial herb that is easy to grow. My next door neighbor has Oregano as a groundcover around their patio. Great smell and great taste.

And, there are so many more wonderful herbs that you can grow and enjoy.

If you do not have a garden—not to worry! Consider growing your herbs in containers. Herbs make a great container garden. Just be sure to place your containers in as much sun as possible.


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      I am not sure why you have had bad luck with growing spearmint in a pot. With the right size pot, with the right soil mix, and the right location then you should be able to grow spearmint in a container. I would not let failure keep you from trying again. Good luck, Doug

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