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Did you know August is National Happiness Happens Month? I didn’t either until a customer told me and I looked it up. There it is—in black and white—“August is National Happiness Happens Month.”

It did start me thinking about what makes me happy in my garden—the first bloom on my rose; every single solitary fragrant little white flower on my citrus; the taste of the first tomato of the season or the first pepper or the first green beans or the first (you get the idea).

Here’s my list of the Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy in My Garden

  1. I’m happy I actually have space for a garden.
  2. I’m happy I have a shady tree to sit under in my backyard—so I can enjoy looking at my garden.
  3. Even though I don’t see nearly as many bees and butterflies as I used to, I’m grateful and happy for every single one I do see. I plant milkweed for the Monarchs and extra parsley and dill for the Black Swallowtails; my whole backyard is clover so that helps.
  4. I’m happy for rainy days because, along with sunny days, they make gardens grow.
  5. I’m happy for summer evening I sit on my deck watching the sunset and the fireflies twinkle. That is magic.
  6. I’m happy every single hour our Farmers Market is open (every Thursday from 10 until 2). I’m lucky to have fresh local produce and products available. Local is the Best! Yes, I know the produce is not from MY garden—but it IS from a garden. I grow what I can and let them do the rest!
  7. I’m happy for every deer, raccoon, possum, and squirrel I see in my yard. I’ve had to learn to garden smarter because of them. And seeing them means I’m closer to my goal of having a wildlife-friendly yard.
  8. I’m happy watching my grandsons running around my backyard—that’s the advantage of clover. It takes foot traffic.
  9. I’m happy for every enthusiastic gardening customer —it’s always fun talking to other avid gardeners.
  10. I’m happy I have a fabulous Garden Center like the Great Big Greenhouse that shares my enthusiasm for gardening.

What makes you happy in your garden? I’d really love to know.

Share your “Happy Gardening” moments in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “BONNIE’S GARDEN – Happiness Happens in the Garden”

  1. I am happy pulling weeds, following a rainfall.
    I am happy smelling the scents of various plants, especially herbs.
    I am happy hearing the birds chirping as I work in my flower beds.
    I am happy gardening, as it provides opportunity to get exercise, bending, turning, lifting, stretching.

  2. My garden is a respite from a world full of discord and civil unrest. Plants that aren’t happy where they are simply root themselves in a different space. Flowering plants coexist with shrubs and vegetables. A peaceable kingdom!

  3. I am happy to know that for every tree cut down by others, I have planted “A TREE” mostly fruit trees to replace the cut one. I feel happy that I have created my own oasis in my back yard to enjoy and have created “Wild LIFE” friendly environment to come and visit….the dragon flies, butterflies, rabbits, squirrel, deer, etc… I enjoy my park like setting as much as my animal kingdom.

  4. What a nice article, Bonnie. Most of your happies are my happies too! But I envy the space you have. I only have a tiny backyard and a small deck, but I’ve made the most of them. I want to let you know that I always appreciate your advice when I see you at GBGH!

    Cara (the toilet paper delivery girl)

  5. Marlene, I LOVE “sniffing” stuff in my garden–the flowers on my citrus which are summering outdoors are amazing–my clematis paniculata (a fall-bloomer) that’ll be opening in another few weeks are a real treat; the oriental lilies that just finished blooming a few weeks ago–Golly, when they bloomed in the back yard, you could smell them in the front yard!

  6. Cara–I don’t know that I have much space than you, I have a raised bed garden, but do grow a LOT in containers in the sun on my deck–so my deck furniture is sitting out in the backyard under the tree…LOL

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