BONNIE’S GARDEN – How Did I Do With My 2020 Garden Resolutions?

Every year I make New Year’s resolutions for my garden. Last year, I made only three—to be better at keeping weeds and debris out of my garden, to be better about repotting plants when they need it, and to take time to appreciate the efforts of my hard work. So how did I do?

My 2020 Results

I was doing really well at keeping weeds and debris out of my garden until July hit with all the finesse of a hot fist! I’d go home intending to pull a few weeds but after sitting a few minutes in the nice cool house, it was nearly impossible to get back up, go out, and sweat again.

This year, I resolve to TRY and do better. I will resolve to use more mulch so I won’t have to weed as much.

And did I ever get my poor Meyer lemon repotted? Finally!

Most people err on the side of repotting plants too soon. Here, at the Great Big Greenhouse, we see so many half-dead plants because they were over-potted, repotted at the wrong time, or repotted when they didn’t need it.

That’s not a problem at my house—my Meyer lemon was so pot bound it was drying out almost every day when it was out for the summer. Realistically, it should have been repotted two or three years ago.

Finally, I did go up ONE pot size—I don’t care how big your plant is or how big you think it will get—never go up more than ONE pot size—one to two inches.

Did I take the time to not just prune, water, and feed the roses but actually “smell” them? I did better! I could have done better yet, but I did find the occasional moment to sit in the rocker on my back deck, with a big bowl full of fresh-picked veggies beside me and appreciate things.

My 2021 Resolutions

This year I’m going to make the last one my number one priority. Yes, gardening is hard work but—the pay-off makes it worth it. And we need to make sure we don’t lose sight of that.

We owe ourselves the chance to actually appreciate the beauty of a bee flirting with the flowers blooming in pots on our decks or picking that first tomato and actually taking a juicy bite out of it before it even makes it in the house.

And Your Resolutions?

What are your resolutions for your garden this year? Whatever they are, we have what you need to help make them happen!

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