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I have been in the retail garden center business for over 40 years and I can sum up 2020 with one word – UNPRECEDENTED.

The time right before New Year’s is often a time for reflection on the past year and the year ahead. It is only fitting that my last blog for 2020 would be just that! We are reflecting on the gardening season we had and offering my thoughts – it has certainly been an interesting year, and there is plenty to be excited about heading into 2021.

I promise not to dwell on the Covid-19 pandemic. It did have an effect on gardening. But, in a positive way. So many people turned to their gardens for salvation and for some normalcy in their lives. This pandemic changed us in so many different ways. But, as strong as this pandemic has been all year – GARDENING WAS STRONGER!


I think I can summarize the 2020 gardening year in a couple of words – WARM AND WET. 2020 is going down as being one of our warmest years ever. The planting season started early because of the mild winter we experienced.

2020 will be known as one of our wettest years ever. We are over 20 inches of rainfall over average putting 2020 in the top five wettest years ever. Our rivers, streams, reservoirs, and underground aquifers are all full as we head into 2021. On the bright side, our gardens didn’t have dry weather to contend with all year. All these new plants that were planted this year were taken care of by Mother Nature.


So many people used gardening and landscape for safe, outdoor activities. Fruits and vegetable gardening were immensely popular. It would put a smile on my face when so many young couples with their small children would come in to buy vegetable plants to try vegetable gardening for the first time. People really used 2020 to reconnect with nature.

Another popular gardening trend was the popularity of native plants. More and more homeowners are reconnecting with nature by planting native plants and wanting to support our birds, bees, and butterflies.

Another popular gardening trend that is getting stronger is with all things natural, organic fertilizers were frequently sought after by our customers. Our staff and so many of our customers are more conscious than ever of the impact our decisions as consumers can have on the environment and we are happy to provide environmentally friendly products. The entire ESPOMA line of products was very popular with our customers.

House plants were very popular. Homeowners wanted some green in their “indoor” living space. People began to realize the health benefits that houseplants provide to our indoor environment.


I will be the first to admit that I am no Nostradamus with predicting the future. But, I envision that gardening will continue to be strong. I predict that native plants will stay popular. And, I predict that organic gardening will stay strong and popular. Lastly, houseplants will remain very popular – especially with the younger generation who choose to live in these condominiums and they want green plants in their lives.


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2 thoughts on “DOUG’S BLOG – A Gardening Year in Review”

  1. We welcome 2021. Think roses are to be trimmed and cut back in February. ? We have about 7 Rose bushes in the front yard (all together). Do we trim in February, and if so, how far back can we trim them without hurting them. They got a little stragley last year.

    Thanks Doug,
    Keep up the good work!!

    • Anne,
      And, Happy 2021 to you.
      Ideally, February is the best month to cut back your rose bushes. You can cut them back to where they are only a foot or two from the ground, if you want to go that low. Keep in mind that roses will bloom off of the new growth that comes out in the spring. So, cut them back to your desired height, thin out some of the interior branches / leaving the stronger canes. And, February will be a good time to give your roses their first fertilizing of the season. I like using organic food, such as ESPOMA ROSE TONE at this time. Doug

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