BONNIE’S GARDEN – How to Keep Birds Out of Your Veggie Garden

I’ve had several customers inquire recently about what to do about birds in their newly planted veggie gardens. You ask and we answer! Here a few tips:

Tips to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Birds Aren’t Stupid

Scarecrows work pretty well—for several days. Birds are smart enough to figure out the weird-looking thing that never moves isn’t really going to hurt them. Move it around every three or four days, even changing what it’s wearing every week or two.

If you’re using fake snakes or fake owls, the same goes. Move them around.

Bird Netting Can Be Very Effective

The spaces in the netting have to be just big enough to let beneficial insects through or your cukes, squash, and melons won’t be pollinated. Also, keep in mind that occasionally birds and other critters can get caught in it—I had a baby chipmunk get caught once. Ew! Never again.

Terrorize with Terror “Eyes”

These are brightly colored balloons with big eyes printed on them. Because the breeze sways them around, it keeps them moving.

Shiny new aluminum pie pans tied to posts might help as the wind blows them around and they reflect the light.

The Dixie Cup Solution

If birds are bothering your young seedlings, you can easily cut the bottom out of a paper Dixie cup and place it over the seedling. The sun can still get in from the top, but it makes it difficult for the birds to get their heads in.

And One Don’t

Don’t use motion-activated sprinklers. Summer veggies do NOT like to get their foliage wet.

Be Nice to the Birds

Provide them bird feeders and birdbaths—on the other side of your yard. I don’t want to keep birds out of my yard entirely. The fact that they are hungry little bug predators is only one of many reasons.

Stop by and Get Your Questions Answered!

If you have any questions, we can help. And we have many other suggestions for repelling other non-bird pests! Stop by and talk with our garden experts. You ask and we answer!

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6 thoughts on “BONNIE’S GARDEN – How to Keep Birds Out of Your Veggie Garden”

  1. Yes, bird netting can be lethal to birds and other animals. We had a snake get caught in it, very sad. “Never again” is right! Thank you for warning people about it, and for your better suggestions.

  2. Any suggestions on squirrels? My major concern is our persimmon tree. Last year the squirrels raided our entire crop; we didn’t get a single fruit. Currently, considering wrapping each fruit in chicken wire (used solid plastic netting last year and the squirrels chewed through each one). It’s tedious to wrap each one, but I am running out of options and the fruit is starting set.

  3. The fake snake/owl decoys can work but you must change their position every couple of days. There also “Collars” that go around the trunk of a tree to keep squirrels from climbing up. That said, be sure to remove any low branch that would allow them to jump up on them from the ground.

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