It’s Hanging Basket Time


Here we are in mid-May and in the height of the hanging basket season. We are now past any threat of frost. People are now decorating with summer blooming annuals which includes adding hanging baskets to the landscape, patios, decks, and pools.

So, how do I know to choose the right flowering hanging basket?


  • LOCATION –  First, and foremost, you need to study the location for sunlight: full sun or is it shady. This determination will help you make the right choice when it comes to hanging baskets.
  • CARE –  The fact that hanging baskets are hanging in the air, they will need more attention, especially with watering. Be sure to water the basket slowly until the water drips out from the drainage holes. If the water drips out as soon as you start watering, then you may want to take the basket down and submerge the basket in a bucket of water in order to thoroughly soak the root system. Also, as the season goes on the root system becomes dominant inside the hanging basket with less soil to hold the moisture.
  • FEEDING –  Fertilizing hanging baskets is crucial to them to continue to perform and flower throughout the season. Choosing a blossom booster fertilizer would be ideal. Just follow the instructions as to how to dilute the mixture. For most flowering baskets you will want to fertilize each month.
  • MAINTENANCE –  Keep in mind that most flowering hanging baskets, such as petunia hanging baskets, will become “leggy” and will benefit from having a “haircut” every couple of month. Don’t be afraid to be somewhat aggressive with the trimming. By trimming the foliage you are giving the plant a better balance between roots and foliage. Within two to three weeks the basket will be flourishing once again with beautiful flowers.

Enjoying all this color for the Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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