January Gardening Thoughts and Tips

Brrrrrrrr!!!!  January sure has started out on a frigid note.  We are setting record low temperatures.  With these low temperatures, it makes a gardener want to stay inside and look out the window and dream.  And, yes, I am talking personally here as well.

I think a big question on everyone’s mind is “what are these cold temperatures doing to my plants”?  Unfortunately, only time will tell.  Everyone’s situation will be different when it comes to the health of their plants.  But, I do suspect that some of our plants will sustain some damage.  Typically, flower buds on some of our spring blooming plants, such as dogwood trees, rhododendrons, Camellia japonica, etc. may be damaged and we may see fewer blooms this spring.  In addition, some of our beloved evergreens, such as hollies, gardenias, boxwoods, etc. may experience some foliage damage.  But, let’s not overreact now.  Let Mother Nature take its course.  Most plants will survive.

We have some sun in our forecast.  The roads and walkways are now cold which means that any snow or ice will stick.  Be careful what ice melting product you use when it comes to the health of your pets and plants.  The worse to use is a product that is made with sodium chloride.  We carry a great ice melting product called ZERO ICE.  Zero ice is made with magnesium chloride.  It is more expensive but much safer to use around pets and plants.

Hopefully, we will have some warm days coming that will allow us to get outside and walk around our gardens.  Besides getting fresh air and some exercise, this is a good time to examine our plants and think about what we want to get done before spring.

  • January is a good month to do some “shed” cleaning.  We can clean our tools.  We can clean used clay pots to get them ready for re-use.
  • Don’t forget about our birds.  They are cold too.  Bird food gives them a supply of protein to help them stay active and warm.
  • Spring, 2018, flower and vegetable seeds are here – along with seed starting supplies.  January is a good month to shop for your wanted seeds and supplies.


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